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BBDM: Image-to-Image Translation With Brownian Bridge Diffusion Models

Bo Li · Kaitao Xue · Bin Liu · Yu-Kun Lai

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 186


Image-to-image translation is an important and challenging problem in computer vision and image processing. Diffusion models(DM) have shown great potentials for high-quality image synthesis, and have gained competitive performance on the task of image-to-image translation. However, most of the existing diffusion models treat image-to-image translation as conditional generation processes, and suffer heavily from the gap between distinct domains. In this paper, a novel image-to-image translation method based on the Brownian Bridge Diffusion Model(BBDM) is proposed, which models image-to-image translation as a stochastic Brownian Bridge process, and learns the translation between two domains directly through the bidirectional diffusion process rather than a conditional generation process. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first work that proposes Brownian Bridge diffusion process for image-to-image translation. Experimental results on various benchmarks demonstrate that the proposed BBDM model achieves competitive performance through both visual inspection and measurable metrics.

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