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Towards High-Quality and Efficient Video Super-Resolution via Spatial-Temporal Data Overfitting

Gen Li · Jie Ji · Minghai Qin · Wei Niu · Bin Ren · Fatemeh Afghah · Linke Guo · Xiaolong Ma

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 194
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As deep convolutional neural networks (DNNs) are widely used in various fields of computer vision, leveraging the overfitting ability of the DNN to achieve video resolution upscaling has become a new trend in the modern video delivery system. By dividing videos into chunks and overfitting each chunk with a super-resolution model, the server encodes videos before transmitting them to the clients, thus achieving better video quality and transmission efficiency. However, a large number of chunks are expected to ensure good overfitting quality, which substantially increases the storage and consumes more bandwidth resources for data transmission. On the other hand, decreasing the number of chunks through training optimization techniques usually requires high model capacity, which significantly slows down execution speed. To reconcile such, we propose a novel method for high-quality and efficient video resolution upscaling tasks, which leverages the spatial-temporal information to accurately divide video into chunks, thus keeping the number of chunks as well as the model size to a minimum. Additionally, we advance our method into a single overfitting model by a data-aware joint training technique, which further reduces the storage requirement with negligible quality drop. We deploy our proposed overfitting models on an off-the-shelf mobile phone, and experimental results show that our method achieves real-time video super-resolution with high video quality. Compared with the state-of-the-art, our method achieves 28 fps streaming speed with 41.60 PSNR, which is 14 times faster and 2.29 dB better in the live video resolution upscaling tasks.

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