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NoisyTwins: Class-Consistent and Diverse Image Generation Through StyleGANs

Harsh Rangwani · Lavish Bansal · Kartik Sharma · Tejan Karmali · Varun Jampani · R. Venkatesh Babu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 178


StyleGANs are at the forefront of controllable image generation as they produce a latent space that is semantically disentangled, making it suitable for image editing and manipulation. However, the performance of StyleGANs severely degrades when trained via class-conditioning on large-scale long-tailed datasets. We find that one reason for degradation is the collapse of latents for each class in the W latent space. With NoisyTwins, we first introduce an effective and inexpensive augmentation strategy for class embeddings, which then decorrelates the latents based on self-supervision in the W space. This decorrelation mitigates collapse, ensuring that our method preserves intra-class diversity with class-consistency in image generation. We show the effectiveness of our approach on large-scale real-world long-tailed datasets of ImageNet-LT and iNaturalist 2019, where our method outperforms other methods by ~ 19% on FID, establishing a new state-of-the-art.

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