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sRGB Real Noise Synthesizing With Neighboring Correlation-Aware Noise Model

Zixuan Fu · Lanqing Guo · Bihan Wen

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 160


Modeling and synthesizing real noise in the standard RGB (sRGB) domain is challenging due to the complicated noise distribution. While most of the deep noise generators proposed to synthesize sRGB real noise using an end-to-end trained model, the lack of explicit noise modeling degrades the quality of their synthesized noise. In this work, we propose to model the real noise as not only dependent on the underlying clean image pixel intensity, but also highly correlated to its neighboring noise realization within the local region. Correspondingly, we propose a novel noise synthesizing framework by explicitly learning its neighboring correlation on top of the signal dependency. With the proposed noise model, our framework greatly bridges the distribution gap between synthetic noise and real noise. We show that our generated “real” sRGB noisy images can be used for training supervised deep denoisers, thus to improve their real denoising results with a large margin, comparing to the popular classic denoisers or the deep denoisers that are trained on other sRGB noise generators. The code will be available at

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