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Learning Visibility Field for Detailed 3D Human Reconstruction and Relighting

Ruichen Zheng · Peng Li · Haoqian Wang · Tao Yu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 021


Detailed 3D reconstruction and photo-realistic relighting of digital humans are essential for various applications. To this end, we propose a novel sparse-view 3d human reconstruction framework that closely incorporates the occupancy field and albedo field with an additional visibility field--it not only resolves occlusion ambiguity in multiview feature aggregation, but can also be used to evaluate light attenuation for self-shadowed relighting. To enhance its training viability and efficiency, we discretize visibility onto a fixed set of sample directions and supply it with coupled geometric 3D depth feature and local 2D image feature. We further propose a novel rendering-inspired loss, namely TransferLoss, to implicitly enforce the alignment between visibility and occupancy field, enabling end-to-end joint training. Results and extensive experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method, as it surpasses state-of-the-art in terms of reconstruction accuracy while achieving comparably accurate relighting to ray-traced ground truth.

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