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Topology-Guided Multi-Class Cell Context Generation for Digital Pathology

Shahira Abousamra · Rajarsi Gupta · Tahsin Kurc · Dimitris Samaras · Joel Saltz · Chao Chen

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 316


In digital pathology, the spatial context of cells is important for cell classification, cancer diagnosis and prognosis. To model such complex cell context, however, is challenging. Cells form different mixtures, lineages, clusters and holes. To model such structural patterns in a learnable fashion, we introduce several mathematical tools from spatial statistics and topological data analysis. We incorporate such structural descriptors into a deep generative model as both conditional inputs and a differentiable loss. This way, we are able to generate high quality multi-class cell layouts for the first time. We show that the topology-rich cell layouts can be used for data augmentation and improve the performance of downstream tasks such as cell classification.

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