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FEND: A Future Enhanced Distribution-Aware Contrastive Learning Framework for Long-Tail Trajectory Prediction

Yuning Wang · Pu Zhang · Lei Bai · Jianru Xue

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 133


Predicting the future trajectories of the traffic agents is a gordian technique in autonomous driving. However, trajectory prediction suffers from data imbalance in the prevalent datasets, and the tailed data is often more complicated and safety-critical. In this paper, we focus on dealing with the long-tail phenomenon in trajectory prediction. Previous methods dealing with long-tail data did not take into account the variety of motion patterns in the tailed data. In this paper, we put forward a future enhanced contrastive learning framework to recognize tail trajectory patterns and form a feature space with separate pattern clusters.Furthermore, a distribution aware hyper predictor is brought up to better utilize the shaped feature space.Our method is a model-agnostic framework and can be plugged into many well-known baselines. Experimental results show that our framework outperforms the state-of-the-art long-tail prediction method on tailed samples by 9.5% on ADE and 8.5% on FDE, while maintaining or slightly improving the averaged performance. Our method also surpasses many long-tail techniques on trajectory prediction task.

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