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DynamicDet: A Unified Dynamic Architecture for Object Detection

Zhihao Lin · Yongtao Wang · Jinhe Zhang · Xiaojie Chu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 206


Dynamic neural network is an emerging research topic in deep learning. With adaptive inference, dynamic models can achieve remarkable accuracy and computational efficiency. However, it is challenging to design a powerful dynamic detector, because of no suitable dynamic architecture and exiting criterion for object detection. To tackle these difficulties, we propose a dynamic framework for object detection, named DynamicDet. Firstly, we carefully design a dynamic architecture based on the nature of the object detection task. Then, we propose an adaptive router to analyze the multi-scale information and to decide the inference route automatically. We also present a novel optimization strategy with an exiting criterion based on the detection losses for our dynamic detectors. Last, we present a variable-speed inference strategy, which helps to realize a wide range of accuracy-speed trade-offs with only one dynamic detector. Extensive experiments conducted on the COCO benchmark demonstrate that the proposed DynamicDet achieves new state-of-the-art accuracy-speed trade-offs. For instance, with comparable accuracy, the inference speed of our dynamic detector Dy-YOLOv7-W6 surpasses YOLOv7-E6 by 12%, YOLOv7-D6 by 17%, and YOLOv7-E6E by 39%. The code is available at

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