DynamicDet: A Unified Dynamic Architecture for Object Detection

Zhihao Lin · Yongtao Wang · Jinhe Zhang · Xiaojie Chu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 206
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Tue 20 Jun 4:30 p.m. PDT — 6 p.m. PDT


Dynamic neural network is an emerging research topic in deep learning. With adaptive inference, dynamic models can achieve remarkable accuracy and computational efficiency. However, it is challenging to design a powerful dynamic detector, because of no suitable dynamic architecture and exiting criterion for object detection. To tackle these difficulties, we propose a dynamic framework for object detection, named DynamicDet. Firstly, we carefully design a dynamic architecture based on the nature of the object detection task. Then, we propose an adaptive router to analyze the multi-scale information and to decide the inference route automatically. We also present a novel optimization strategy with an exiting criterion based on the detection losses for our dynamic detectors. Last, we present a variable-speed inference strategy, which helps to realize a wide range of accuracy-speed trade-offs with only one dynamic detector. Extensive experiments conducted on the COCO benchmark demonstrate that the proposed DynamicDet achieves new state-of-the-art accuracy-speed trade-offs. For instance, with comparable accuracy, the inference speed of our dynamic detector Dy-YOLOv7-W6 surpasses YOLOv7-E6 by 12%, YOLOv7-D6 by 17%, and YOLOv7-E6E by 39%. The code is available at

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