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Grounding Counterfactual Explanation of Image Classifiers to Textual Concept Space

Siwon Kim · Jinoh Oh · Sungjin Lee · Seunghak Yu · Jaeyoung Do · Tara Taghavi

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 258


Concept-based explanation aims to provide concise and human-understandable explanations of an image classifier. However, existing concept-based explanation methods typically require a significant amount of manually collected concept-annotated images. This is costly and runs the risk of human biases being involved in the explanation. In this paper, we propose counterfactual explanation with text-driven concepts (CounTEX), where the concepts are defined only from text by leveraging a pre-trained multi-modal joint embedding space without additional concept-annotated datasets. A conceptual counterfactual explanation is generated with text-driven concepts. To utilize the text-driven concepts defined in the joint embedding space to interpret target classifier outcome, we present a novel projection scheme for mapping the two spaces with a simple yet effective implementation. We show that CounTEX generates faithful explanations that provide a semantic understanding of model decision rationale robust to human bias.

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