UTM: A Unified Multiple Object Tracking Model With Identity-Aware Feature Enhancement

Sisi You · Hantao Yao · Bing-Kun Bao · Changsheng Xu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 121
[ Abstract ]
Thu 22 Jun 4:30 p.m. PDT — 6 p.m. PDT


Recently, Multiple Object Tracking has achieved great success, which consists of object detection, feature embedding, and identity association. Existing methods apply the three-step or two-step paradigm to generate robust trajectories, where identity association is independent of other components. However, the independent identity association results in the identity-aware knowledge contained in the tracklet not be used to boost the detection and embedding modules. To overcome the limitations of existing methods, we introduce a novel Unified Tracking Model (UTM) to bridge those three components for generating a positive feedback loop with mutual benefits. The key insight of UTM is the Identity-Aware Feature Enhancement (IAFE), which is applied to bridge and benefit these three components by utilizing the identity-aware knowledge to boost detection and embedding. Formally, IAFE contains the Identity-Aware Boosting Attention (IABA) and the Identity-Aware Erasing Attention (IAEA), where IABA enhances the consistent regions between the current frame feature and identity-aware knowledge, and IAEA suppresses the distracted regions in the current frame feature. With better detections and embeddings, higher-quality tracklets can also be generated. Extensive experiments of public and private detections on three benchmarks demonstrate the robustness of UTM.

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