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Twin Contrastive Learning With Noisy Labels

Zhizhong Huang · Junping Zhang · Hongming Shan

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 327


Learning from noisy data is a challenging task that significantly degenerates the model performance. In this paper, we present TCL, a novel twin contrastive learning model to learn robust representations and handle noisy labels for classification. Specifically, we construct a Gaussian mixture model (GMM) over the representations by injecting the supervised model predictions into GMM to link label-free latent variables in GMM with label-noisy annotations. Then, TCL detects the examples with wrong labels as the out-of-distribution examples by another two-component GMM, taking into account the data distribution. We further propose a cross-supervision with an entropy regularization loss that bootstraps the true targets from model predictions to handle the noisy labels. As a result, TCL can learn discriminative representations aligned with estimated labels through mixup and contrastive learning. Extensive experimental results on several standard benchmarks and real-world datasets demonstrate the superior performance of TCL. In particular, TCL achieves 7.5% improvements on CIFAR-10 with 90% noisy label---an extremely noisy scenario. The source code is available at

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