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EventNeRF: Neural Radiance Fields From a Single Colour Event Camera

Viktor Rudnev · Mohamed Elgharib · Christian Theobalt · Vladislav Golyanik

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 081


Asynchronously operating event cameras find many applications due to their high dynamic range, vanishingly low motion blur, low latency and low data bandwidth. The field saw remarkable progress during the last few years, and existing event-based 3D reconstruction approaches recover sparse point clouds of the scene. However, such sparsity is a limiting factor in many cases, especially in computer vision and graphics, that has not been addressed satisfactorily so far. Accordingly, this paper proposes the first approach for 3D-consistent, dense and photorealistic novel view synthesis using just a single colour event stream as input. At its core is a neural radiance field trained entirely in a self-supervised manner from events while preserving the original resolution of the colour event channels. Next, our ray sampling strategy is tailored to events and allows for data-efficient training. At test, our method produces results in the RGB space at unprecedented quality. We evaluate our method qualitatively and numerically on several challenging synthetic and real scenes and show that it produces significantly denser and more visually appealing renderings than the existing methods. We also demonstrate robustness in challenging scenarios with fast motion and under low lighting conditions. We release the newly recorded dataset and our source code to facilitate the research field, see

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