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High-Fidelity 3D Human Digitization From Single 2K Resolution Images

Sang-Hun Han · Min-Gyu Park · Ju Hong Yoon · Ju-Mi Kang · Young-Jae Park · Hae-Gon Jeon

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 049
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High-quality 3D human body reconstruction requires high-fidelity and large-scale training data and appropriate network design that effectively exploits the high-resolution input images. To tackle these problems, we propose a simple yet effective 3D human digitization method called 2K2K, which constructs a large-scale 2K human dataset and infers 3D human models from 2K resolution images. The proposed method separately recovers the global shape of a human and its details. The low-resolution depth network predicts the global structure from a low-resolution image, and the part-wise image-to-normal network predicts the details of the 3D human body structure. The high-resolution depth network merges the global 3D shape and the detailed structures to infer the high-resolution front and back side depth maps. Finally, an off-the-shelf mesh generator reconstructs the full 3D human model, which are available at In addition, we also provide 2,050 3D human models, including texture maps, 3D joints, and SMPL parameters for research purposes. In experiments, we demonstrate competitive performance over the recent works on various datasets.

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