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MISC210K: A Large-Scale Dataset for Multi-Instance Semantic Correspondence

Yixuan Sun · Yiwen Huang · Haijing Guo · Yuzhou Zhao · Runmin Wu · Yizhou Yu · Weifeng Ge · Wenqiang Zhang

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Semantic correspondence have built up a new way for object recognition. However current single-object matching schema can be hard for discovering commonalities for a category and far from the real-world recognition tasks. To fill this gap, we design the multi-instance semantic correspondence task which aims at constructing the correspondence between multiple objects in an image pair. To support this task, we build a multi-instance semantic correspondence (MISC) dataset from COCO Detection 2017 task called MISC210K. We construct our dataset as three steps: (1) category selection and data cleaning; (2) keypoint design based on 3D models and object description rules; (3) human-machine collaborative annotation. Following these steps, we select 34 classes of objects with 4,812 challenging images annotated via a well designed semi-automatic workflow, and finally acquire 218,179 image pairs with instance masks and instance-level keypoint pairs annotated. We design a dual-path collaborative learning pipeline to train instance-level co-segmentation task and fine-grained level correspondence task together. Benchmark evaluation and further ablation results with detailed analysis are provided with three future directions proposed. Our project is available on

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