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Learning To Predict Scene-Level Implicit 3D From Posed RGBD Data

Nilesh Kulkarni · Linyi Jin · Justin Johnson · David F. Fouhey

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 074


We introduce a method that can learn to predict scene-level implicit functions for 3D reconstruction from posed RGBD data. At test time, our system maps a previously unseen RGB image to a 3D reconstruction of a scene via implicit functions. While implicit functions for 3D reconstruction have often been tied to meshes, we show that we can train one using only a set of posed RGBD images. This setting may help 3D reconstruction unlock the sea of accelerometer+RGBD data that is coming with new phones. Our system, D2-DRDF, can match and sometimes outperform current methods that use mesh supervision and shows better robustness to sparse data.

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