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EDGE: Editable Dance Generation From Music

Jonathan Tseng · Rodrigo Castellon · Karen Liu

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 043


Dance is an important human art form, but creating new dances can be difficult and time-consuming. In this work, we introduce Editable Dance GEneration (EDGE), a state-of-the-art method for editable dance generation that is capable of creating realistic, physically-plausible dances while remaining faithful to the input music. EDGE uses a transformer-based diffusion model paired with Jukebox, a strong music feature extractor, and confers powerful editing capabilities well-suited to dance, including joint-wise conditioning, and in-betweening. We introduce a new metric for physical plausibility, and evaluate dance quality generated by our method extensively through (1) multiple quantitative metrics on physical plausibility, alignment, and diversity benchmarks, and more importantly, (2) a large-scale user study, demonstrating a significant improvement over previous state-of-the-art methods. Qualitative samples from our model can be found at our website.

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