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SCoDA: Domain Adaptive Shape Completion for Real Scans

Yushuang Wu · Zizheng Yan · Ce Chen · Lai Wei · Xiao Li · Guanbin Li · Yihao Li · Shuguang Cui · Xiaoguang Han

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 110


3D shape completion from point clouds is a challenging task, especially from scans of real-world objects. Considering the paucity of 3D shape ground truths for real scans, existing works mainly focus on benchmarking this task on synthetic data, e.g. 3D computer-aided design models. However, the domain gap between synthetic and real data limits the generalizability of these methods. Thus, we propose a new task, SCoDA, for the domain adaptation of real scan shape completion from synthetic data. A new dataset, ScanSalon, is contributed with a bunch of elaborate 3D models created by skillful artists according to scans. To address this new task, we propose a novel cross-domain feature fusion method for knowledge transfer and a novel volume-consistent self-training framework for robust learning from real data. Extensive experiments prove our method is effective to bring an improvement of 6%~7% mIoU.

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