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High-Fidelity Clothed Avatar Reconstruction From a Single Image

Tingting Liao · Xiaomei Zhang · Yuliang Xiu · Hongwei Yi · Xudong Liu · Guo-Jun Qi · Yong Zhang · Xuan Wang · Xiangyu Zhu · Zhen Lei

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This paper presents a framework for efficient 3D clothed avatar reconstruction. By combining the advantages of the high accuracy of optimization-based methods and the efficiency of learning-based methods, we propose a coarse-to-fine way to realize a high-fidelity clothed avatar reconstruction (CAR) from a single image. At the first stage, we use an implicit model to learn the general shape in the canonical space of a person in a learning-based way, and at the second stage, we refine the surface detail by estimating the non-rigid deformation in the posed space in an optimization way. A hyper-network is utilized to generate a good initialization so that the convergence of the optimization process is greatly accelerated. Extensive experiments on various datasets show that the proposed CAR successfully produces high-fidelity avatars for arbitrarily clothed humans in real scenes. The codes will be released.

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