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Vision Transformers Are Good Mask Auto-Labelers

Shiyi Lan · Xitong Yang · Zhiding Yu · Zuxuan Wu · Jose M. Alvarez · Anima Anandkumar

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 300


We propose Mask Auto-Labeler (MAL), a high-quality Transformer-based mask auto-labeling framework for instance segmentation using only box annotations. MAL takes box-cropped images as inputs and conditionally generates their mask pseudo-labels.We show that Vision Transformers are good mask auto-labelers. Our method significantly reduces the gap between auto-labeling and human annotation regarding mask quality. Instance segmentation models trained using the MAL-generated masks can nearly match the performance of their fully-supervised counterparts, retaining up to 97.4% performance of fully supervised models. The best model achieves 44.1% mAP on COCO instance segmentation (test-dev 2017), outperforming state-of-the-art box-supervised methods by significant margins. Qualitative results indicate that masks produced by MAL are, in some cases, even better than human annotations.

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