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High-Fidelity Guided Image Synthesis With Latent Diffusion Models

Jaskirat Singh · Stephen Gould · Liang Zheng

West Building Exhibit Halls ABC 179


Controllable image synthesis with user scribbles has gained huge public interest with the recent advent of text-conditioned latent diffusion models. The user scribbles control the color composition while the text prompt provides control over the overall image semantics. However, we find that prior works suffer from an intrinsic domain shift problem wherein the generated outputs often lack details and resemble simplistic representations of the target domain. In this paper, we propose a novel guided image synthesis framework, which addresses this problem by modeling the output image as the solution of a constrained optimization problem. We show that while computing an exact solution to the optimization is infeasible, an approximation of the same can be achieved while just requiring a single pass of the reverse diffusion process. Additionally, we show that by simply defining a cross-attention based correspondence between the input text tokens and the user stroke-painting, the user is also able to control the semantics of different painted regions without requiring any conditional training or finetuning. Human user study results show that the proposed approach outperforms the previous state-of-the-art by over 85.32% on the overall user satisfaction scores. Project page for our paper is available at

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