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Rolling Shutter Camera: Modeling, Optimization, Learning, and Hardware

Yuchao Dai · Yinqiang Zheng · Bin Fan · Zhihang Zhong · Zhixiang Wang

East 17


This half-day tutorial will cover the latest advances in this area from three aspects, i.e., motion modeling and optimization-based solutions, deep learning-based solutions, and joint hardware and deep learning-based solutions. Specifically, we will first systematically present geometric motion models (like discrete, continuous, and special motions) and optimization-based approaches. Then, we will introduce deep learning-based RS image processing methods, such as RS image correction and RS temporal super-resolution, with new results and benchmarks that have recently appeared. Finally, we will elaborate on the combination of hardware features of RS cameras (e.g., dual RS cameras and global reset feature) and deep learning to boost the correction of RS geometric distortions.

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