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Hands-on Egocentric Research with Project Aria from Meta

Edward Miller · Pierre Moulon · Prince Gupta · Rawal Khirodkar · Richard Newcombe · Sach Lakhavani · Zhaoyang Lv

East 12


Project Aria is a research device from Meta, which is worn like a regular pair of glasses, and enables researchers to study the future of always-on egocentric perception. In this tutorial, we will introduce two exciting new datasets from Project Aria: Aria Digital Twin, a real-world dataset with hyper-accurate digital counterpart; and Aria Synthetic Environments, a procedurally-generated synthetic Aria dataset for large-scale ML research. Each dataset will be presented with corresponding challenges, which we believe will be powerful catalysts for research. In addition to introducing new datasets and research challenges, we will also provide a hands-on demonstration of newly open-sourced tools for working with Project Aria, and demonstrate how the Project Aria ecosystem can be used to accelerate open research into egocentric perception tasks such as visual and non-visual localization and mapping, static and dynamic object detection and spatialization, human pose and eye-gaze estimation, and building geometry estimation.

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