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Exhibitors Share Latest Solutions at CVPR 2023

Offering the latest industry solutions, the CVPR Exhibit Hall assembles the most advanced technologies supporting artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), deep learning, and much more. From Meta AI debuting I-JEPA to Apple showcasing a series of new ML research and beyond, the exhibit will provide the industry a complement to the advanced research showcased this week. Check out the exhibition opening today and plan out your time on the floor

Read on for more news and events for Tuesday, 20 June. 

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Nita Patel

IEEE Computer Society

2023 President

CVPR assembles leaders in computer vision to advance theory and practice across disciplines and technologies. It’s an annual meeting to highlight the latest topics, issues, and opportunities emerging in the field.”


IEEE Computer Society logo


 Ramin Zabih

Computer Vision Foundation

Founder and President

“CVPR is the premier outlet for research in computer vision, and CVPR23 lives up to its traditional high standards. The future of this exciting field, ranging from pure research to high impact applications, is on display here.”


The Computer Vision Foundation