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CVPR 2023 – Call for Musical Performance

CVPR 2023 is organizing community-driven live musical performances during the reception, which will take place on one of the main conference days (June 20-22, exact date to be confirmed). As such, we are actively looking for a highly skilled stage host and talented musicians to take the stage.

We invite applications from solo and band musicians, as well as stage hosts. Solo performers may choose to participate as a soloist or collaborate with the "CVPR House Band" for a joint performance (there will be required band practice sessions for the house band members). Band applicants will perform in their existing formation. We welcome all musicians with a passion for music to share their unique talents with our community. 

Furthermore, we are seeking a stage host with a keen sense of humor and charisma to entertain the audience and oversee the event. An ideal candidate must be highly skilled communicators with a strong stage presence, and should be comfortable speaking in front of large crowds. A good sense of humor is definitely a big plus!

All musical performances will be required to take place in-person on stage. Only applicants who are able to attend in-person should submit their application.

Submission form: 


Submission Deadline: March 19, 2023

Notification by: April 2, 2023


Point of contact: Yale Song (FAIR @ Meta AI)